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SeaWorld - One Ocean
This is SeaWorld® - the world’s best loved marine park! Take a seat at the sensational shows, enjoy up-close animal encounters and take the plunge on one of the thrilling rides.

There’s nowhere else in Orlando where you can share your dinner with sharks, ride on the belly of a Manta ray and get splashed by a killer whale. Explore, enjoy and smile until it hurts - it doesn’t get any closer than at SeaWorld Orlando!  Penguins, sharks, manatees, sealions and dolphins. There is everything you could possibly want to meet at SeaWorld. Dare to take the ultimate adventure ride, Journey to Atlantis, where you’ll be tossed and dropped by unseen mystical forces. This one-of-a-kind water-coaster thrill ride combines two of the steepest, fastest, wettest drops in the world! Catch a show or take a walk through Key West and experience live tropical music, wacky street performers and sea animals galore.

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