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Two great tickets for Orlando thrills!

The Orlando FlexTicket™ includes entry to Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, Universal Studios Florida®, SeaWorld®, Aquatica™ and Wet ‘n Wild®.

The Orlando FlexTicket Plus includes entry to Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, Universal Studios Florida®, SeaWorld®, Aquatica™, Wet ‘n Wild®, and Busch Gardens® Tampa.

Orlando FlexTickets are the best way to maximize the fun of a Florida holiday giving you:


Park-to-park access to a combination of 5 or 6 of the most popular theme parks in Florida with a wide range of attractions for the whole family!


You can visit one or all of the parks each day of your Orlando FlexTicket™.


The world's most exciting attractions for one unbeatable price. Incredible savings over buying one-day park tickets at the gate.

And there’s more:

Your adventure doesn’t have to end once the parks have closed.  Whatever your choice of ticket, you’ll also get complimentary entrance to Universal CityWalk®, Orlando’s hottest entertainment and dining venue*.

Plus, you’ll also receive:

FREE coach transportation to Busch Gardens on the Busch Gardens Shuttle Express when you purchase the Orlando FlexTicket™ Plus**.

FREE parking. Only pay for parking once if you visit more than one park on the same day.

Variety, flexibility and great value for the money. The Orlando FlexTickets have it all.

Restrictions apply.
Price points are subject to change.
Transportation schedules are subject to availability and may vary. Restrictions may apply.

* Please click here for scheduled opening dates of new attractions and important information about the terms that will apply to your purchase of an Orlando FlexTicket™

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